Chics Love When A Guy Gets Them – Understanding Women, Ladies, & Girls

Three Woman and a guy, he's listening

Chics, girls, women, ladies, females, babes, whatever you call them, can be just a little confusing. It’s a known fact that men for centuries have struggled to understand their opposite sex.

Why Do Chics…? is here to help you figure them out and by doing so, make your life a little easier.  (Wouldn’t that be so cool?) Now the type of girl or woman you’re looking to attract is totally up to you. I couldn’t care less. We’re not into discriminating or telling you who is hot and who is not. What you see and find attractive is your thing man. I know what I like and hope you know what you like too.

We (my beautiful wife and me) want to offer you a unique perspective on women. We want to dispel some crazy-ass myths and stories often told about them. We want to simplify “ladies speak” so you’re not guessing or scratching your head wondering,

“What the fuck?!!!”

We want to answer anything and everything related to the feminine side of life.

But hey… this is meant to be mostly fun and in good humor.

We’re not into bashing or demeaning others although I’m sure we’re bound to offend a few people. It will happen and yes, you guessed it, I don’t care! As long as we’re doing it with some dignity and avoid building ourselves up by putting down some chic or group of chics (which is called a “brood” , “chattering” or “peep” so you’ll know what to call them) ….. Anyways, then so be it. Tough shit if you don’t like it. Go someplace else… period.

Now the question to you is…

Wouldn’t it be nice to fully enjoy Chics in a way which very few other men have experienced?

Woman Bathing Suit Puzzle ConfusionAnd to have them enjoy YOU more because you’re actually one of the few guys who “get them”?

Did you know women and girls alike absolutely LOVE when a guy understands them and yes… that guy CAN BE YOU!

So pay attention, take notes, contribute in the comment section, join our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing. Share us, spread the word to your friends… Hell even send over your ex-girlfriend or current wife when something pops up which you can relate to or if you just have to prove you’re right once in a while; because “we” knows chics like to be right. Okay my wife does and luckily (most) of the time, she is so don’t mess with her.

We’ll do out part. You do yours.

Please understand it took me years to figure women out and I got a lot of good help along the way. Don’t be afraid to reach out and get some yourself. It doesn’t make you any less of a man. It actually makes you more of a man because REAL men get down and dirty and get the job done.

(By the way there are lots of chics who like it, it turns them on when a guy is “getting something done” especially when he is willing to get dirty doing it.)

Here’s to you too finally figuring them out in a way which will not only make your life easier, but also help you to have better relationships with them and to possibly attract more of them… literally as many as your heart desires.

Play nice though. Seriously – just because you got one doesn’t mean you have to be a dick.

One last note – Go ahead and join our NEW Facebook Group – Why Do Chics. If you’re on facebook of course because that kind of helps. There you can be a lot more active and share stuff yourselves. We’ve got this part handled.

Thanks for stopping by and here’s to a wonderful fun time doing something they SHOULD HAVE TAUGHT US IN SCHOOL. Would’ve helped more than half they shit learned there. No Doubt About it.

Later – and oh yeah – you MUST get on our newsletter. For those of you who are as old as me might remember what movie this came from, consider it a “It’s a moral imperative.” Sorry no prize for getting it right but if you do, then I’d say you’re as cool as me. For those of you wondering, nope, it’s too old for my wife to have seen it.

Have a great time,

Peter & Estee White